The goal of the ATA fitness program is to prepare players for the physical demands of tennis, injury prevention, and to teach basic movements and exercises to complement on-court training. ATA’s fitness program is yielding impressive results and is a key component to its comprehensive tennis-related program.

A Message from ATA’s Head of Fitness – Migdoel ‘Dio’ Miranda

At ATA, I teach the foundational principles of fitness so that the students can achieve the support they need to play the game. All of the players go through our basic program and later develop the necessary skills to battle on the court. I develop demanding workouts as they are individually ready to take next steps in their game. I analyze posture to help them avoid common injuries and use it to move the athlete forward in their workout regimen. I assess in order to have clear data to help the athlete get further in their fitness and their game. I teach in a fun and inviting environment that welcomes and encourages the athlete to succeed.  I provide positive motivation and individual thinking time and space to write and to motivate, which is an essential key to building success in life and on the court. I meet them at their level and show them where they can go. With a serious attitude and the burning desire to succeed, players show results that we can all see.

About Dio




Originally a Puerto Rican national who was recruited by the University of Memphis (Lambuth) in Jackson, Tennessee to play college baseball, Dio found himself more and more intrigued by what gives the ordinary person incredible health. He went on to study metabolic nutrition and specialized massage therapy, and became a Level III fitness trainer through the prestigious CHEK Institute.

Dio is a graduate of the Florida College of Natural health, a certified massage therapist, a high-performance exercise Kinesiologist and holds dual degrees in physical education and special education.

Currently, he runs Dio Fitness in Austin, TX and travels to work with clients internationally. His approach to fitness is to include all of one’s life in their approach to healthier living to keep habits simple and streamlined for the most effective results.

His dynamic public speaking addresses such topics as the Dio Power Balance System – an integrated approach to extraordinary well being – and Three Ways To Access Your Inner Athlete For Peak Performance At Any Age.

In 2011, Dio was awarded national recognition as the CHEK Practitioner Of The Year.

Dio’s credentials include:
C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level III (Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology)
Holistic and Lifestyle Coach – HLC II
Metabolic Typing Advisor®
Hair Tissue Mineral Analyst
Former Professional Baseball Player
B.S. on Exceptional Learning
Therapeutic Massage Certified by Florida College of Natural Health
Performance Enhancement Specialist- NASM

Dio is a published author-
Interior Fitness
Move Your Heart to Reshape Your Life and Your Body