The Austin Tennis Academy (ATA) full-time Academy program is designed to help junior tennis players reach their highest potential, now and in the future.  We are very proud of the overall development that our program offers. From group practice, fitness training and coaches travelling with players, to mental toughness training and private lessons, we provide a comprehensive development program for each player.




The ATA coaching staff is made up of some of the highest quality tennis professionals in the country.  Our players register for one-year increments, thereby avoiding the drop-in, drop-out attitude and improves the commitment level required by coaches, parents and players.  ATA coaches work and study to make sure that our players train the right quantity and quality necessary to reach their goals. We have studied both the USTA’s and a combination of European National Federations’ recommendations on the training and competition plans for high performance players (top 100 and higher U.S. National ranking.) Because our players want to compete at the highest-level, they train more hours and learn to get the most out of each and every practice.


Typical Schedule for 6 day per week players*:
      -Monday through Friday 4-7pm (tennis and fitness)
      -Saturday practice when not attending tournaments (3 hours)
      -Summer practice Monday through Friday 1-4pm included
      -Private lessons are recommended at least one hour per week or more and are not  included in the Academy Fee.
      -Cost: $16,000 per year (September through August)


*Other training programs are available, such as the 4 day per week Academy program and 12 & under Academy program.
As part of being designated a USTA Early Developmental Center in the United States, ATA coaches and players will benefit from hosting other coaches from around the country and keeping up with the latest training ideas and techniques.  ATA will be holding camps for players selected by the USTA Talent Identification Department.  We are also proud to host coaches training sessions sponsored by the USTA and USPTR.
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ATA provides group tennis training, private tennis instruction, tournament travel with coaches, and customized fitness, to ensure that a player can improve rapidly and parents do not have to arrange all aspects of the players schedule in a piecemeal fashion.  While parents often enjoy travelling to tournaments, we have found that tournament travel with our coaches improves the competitive experience and allows the player to attend more tournaments, while allowing parents to spend time with family and work obligations.  It also allows players the opportunity to learn self reliance, time management and self discipline, preparing them for the same sort of tournament travel that occurs as a part of college tennis.


ATA has a proven track record of helping players obtaining college scholarships or leveraging their college choice.  Whether you are pursuing an NCAA Division I college scholarship or whether you are using athletics to improve your college application, you will find that our coaching staff can help you achieve your goals.  We have had tremendous success at helping players attend some of the most elite colleges and universities in the nation.  Recent grads have gone on to Notre Dame, Princeton, Amherst, Pomona College, Claremont McKenna, University of Virginia, University of Chicago as well as the Air Force and Naval Academies.


Our coaches enjoy a collaborative atmosphere at ATA, centered around the players, not the coaches.  Our coaches meet regularly to freely exchange information concerning each player’s development and training methods.  Coaches are encouraged to seek advice from their mentors and peers.  Coaches frequently pass on players to other coaches for their advice and expertise without fear of “losing” players.


Tournament travel is one of the hallmarks of the ATA training program. ATA coaches are at tournaments to watch and help guide Academy players.   Tournament travel with the team is beneficial in many ways, including fostering player independence, team camaraderie and time spent with the coaching staff. We are committed to having our coaches at tournaments to mentor our players and parents through the competitive process. It is vital that our coaches see the players in tournament competition as well.
In order to increase the number of competitive experiences for our players, ATA hosts 6 sanctioned Open tournaments annually, giving our players additional tournament competition opportunities without traveling. We also host a number of National events. As always, Academy 6-day and 4-day players will not be charged a “coaching fee” for the coach’s time, but will only be charged a percentage of the coaches travel expenses for “covered” tournaments.


“Covered” Tournaments:
·         Champ Major Zone tournaments – see ATA website for exact tournament
·         Superchamp Major Zones – 12/14s and 16/18s
·         Texas Excellence Invitationals
·         USTA Super Nationals
Other Tournaments covered for an additional fee include:
·         ITFs
·         Level 2 & 4 National events
·         ITA College events and Adult events


Please inquire if you have questions about the coaching fee for a “non-covered” tournament.


Please note that players traveling with their parents will also be charged a percentage of the coaches travel expenses, but the parent will be responsible for their hotel accommodations, as well as transportation.


If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Deb Cahill at 512.680.8057 or


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Character development is a key component in the Austin Tennis Academy training program at all levels.  It starts with our youngest QuickStart players and culminates with the leaders we produce in our college athletes.  We strive for a respectful and family atmosphere.  We expect all of our athletes to give back to the community.  Our slogan for our foundation is “Given Much…..Giving Back!”
One way to demonstrate the success of our program is to list a few of our success stories, most of whom were chosen to be the captain of their college teams.
Just to name a few:
Brandon Davis – University of Illinois – Captain of his team
Santiago Montoya – Notre Dame – Captain of his team
Whitney Waters – Redlands – Captain of her team
Brent Werbeck – Boise State – Captain of his team
Adam Slagter – Penn State – Captain of his team
Mathew Bain – Texas A&M – Captain of his team
Jenn Wencel Werbeck – Boise State – Captain of her team
Roger Gubser – The University of Texas – Captain of his team
Ashley Weinhold – Not Captain, but is currently playing pro tennis
Tres Davis – Texas A&M – Not Captain, but went on to play pro tennis
Kendall Dabaghi – Duke – Not Captain, but was President of his Class and Fulbright Scholar