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November David Benzel Webinar and Article

David Benzel's latest article, "Is Your Child Fearful or Fearless?" is on teaching kids to have faith rather than putting them in fear of making mistakes. Teaching children with fear basically makes them into an obedient puppet rather than a responsible citizen. Click here to read more.   Join for the webinar on Thursday Nov 17th at 8:00pm "What Your Child Needs to Succeed - Ten Life-Changing Strategies." Click here to sign up

David Benzel Article and Sign Up for Webinar Oct 18

David Benzel's newest article: When a Sport Chooses Your Child is about how your child chooses to start a sport and try it out. "Creative parents find ways to expose their children to a variety of activities, while at the same time having no agenda or preconceived notions about what their child “should” do."  Click here to read more David Benzel's Webinar on: How to Discuss Performance Issues with Your Child and Remain Friends  Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 8:00 PM Click here to sign up

Webinar and Article by David Benzel

This month's message from David Benzel is, "You Are Not the Mistakes You Make." Geared toward helping parents teach their children healthy attitudes about mistakes. Click here to read more Also, sign up for this months free webinar "Solve the Mystery of Your Child’s Motivation & Distraction Issues." This webinar is Thursday, May 19th at 8pm. Click here to register

David Benzel Webinar and Article

Please join David Benzel on Thursday Feb 18 at 8pm for a 45 min webinar "Three Steps for Getting Your Athletic Family on the Same Page." Click here to register. Also, there is a new Winners Connection article, "The Only Two Questions You Need to Ask Yourself."  Click here to learn more.

Parent Seminar with David Benzel Jan 14, 6pm