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Coach Newman Recommended Article, “How Does Physical Training Increase Your Child’s Tennis Mental Toughness?”

Physically fit players are less likely to feel discomfort than unfit players in the same match. Therefore, fit players are able to place their focus, energy and attention on helpful processes that increase the chances of success. There are other reasons for the link between physical fitness and mental fitness. Physical pain and emotional pain are housed in the same area of our brain. Stronger bodies, stronger brains! Click here to read the full article from Parenting Mentally Tough Tennis by Anthony Ross.

Coach Newman Quoted in UTR Article

ATA CEO Jack Newman was recently quoted in an article,"The Tennis Coach's Toolbox" the Universal Tennis Blog about the Universal Tennis Rating system. Coach Newman, has been using UTR for ATA's practice ladder since August of 2015. Newman describes the process as “I update my ladder on Mondays. Kids are excited to see their progress, parents are clear how players are distributed in practice (by similar UTR) and coaches get to work with players on the same level. Everyone is happy.” To learn more about the Universal Tennis Rating System click here to read the entire article

Wisdom Shared Through ATA Alumni

Earlier this year, Coach Newman invited six ATA alumni members who work in Austin to participate in a panel discussion so current ATA students could see how some of the life lessons they are learning have been applied in real life. The goal of having current ATA students witness firsthand the powerful outcomes that result through the positive processes the ATA program offers was accomplished in a powerful way through this panel discussion. Many of the ATA coaches who attended were impressed by the articulate and insightful nature of the comments shared by the alumni members. Through the stories they shared, each of the alumni members communicated ...