About Carol

Carol strives to develop a well-rounded student-athlete by encouraging individual thought, self-awareness, and personal responsibility through academic challenges, cultural and artistic experiences, and community service activities. Her focus is to inspire a love of learning by individualizing each student’s program according to personal goals, learning styles, strengths and affinities, culminating in the best college choice – academically, athletically and culturally.

Before developing ATA College Prep, she served as the Founding Director of the Austin Area Home School Cooperative for 15 years – bringing together hundreds of students and their families, organizing classes, and forming a community with a passion for learning. She uses a creative combination of resources to individualize programming, and counsels students and parents through the college and NCAA processes.

Carol serves as a USTA umpire, committee member and player. She has two children: Hannah, a musician, received her BA in Political Science from St. Edward’s University, and is currently pursuing her MA in Music Business at NYU; Josh, a graduate of ATA College Prep, studies business and plays line 1 singles and doubles at Notre Dame.

Her many other ‘children’ are teaching, dancing, acting, investing, studying and making the world a better place to live and play.