CP Students Visit Public Art On UT Campus

Today, ATACP students toured the University of Texas campus to view a few public art installations recently procured by the newly developed Landmarks Division.


“I really enjoyed getting to see pieces of modern art on campus this morning,” said Alejandro Rodriguez, a senior at CP headed to UChicago in the Fall. “It was very interesting to see how sometimes, the environment around a piece of art dictates the way in which that artwork will be created. I was blown away by some of the creative displayed by the artists, who took ordinary objects and presented them in a way that creatively showcased many different attributes.”


The students saw everything from a monochromatic sculpture made from 70 canoes to unique portraits of Austinites that eventually will be installed in the Dell medical school building.


This field trip was part of a larger unit at CP focused on the purpose and meaning of public art. Soon, the students own artistic creations will be on display in and around the CP campus.

DSC06995            DSC06994

“My favorite piece was called Monochrome of Austin, and it consisted of 70 canoes, 30plus feet in the air, leaning over the street,” Alejandro said. “It was incredible.”


A few more photos from the day:


KK, Jack and Wilson discuss their favorite portraits.


The students check out the perspective from inside one of the pieces of art.


Sasha and Caroline taking in the scene together.


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