Clark, Luke, Emerson and Sophia Qualify Over The Weekend

Four ATA Academy players – Clark White, Luke Riezebeek, Emerson Hammes and Sophia Maier – qualified into the next competitive division of USTA Texas junior tennis last weekend. Clark and Luke won their way into SuperChamps, while Emerson and Sophia worked their way into the Champs division.

“Emerson and Sophia have both done a great job so far this year!” Coach Brandon Davis said. “They have really put in the hard work and have been willing to make changes in their games that have helped their improvement rate go through the roof. You can see every week they keep getting better and better. I am looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish in the future, with continued hard work and dedication they will be winning big events down the road!”

Coach Brian Notis offered his thoughts on Luke and Clark:

“Less than 2 months after his 11th birthday, Luke put it all together to win the Austin CMZ. Luke has worked really hard to improve the quality of his ball and become rock solid. He is trusting his game more and competing well even when he’s not playing his best.

By his own admission, Clark’s accomplishment this weekend comes ahead of schedule. Clark has worked extremely hard to make significant technical improvements in his game over the past few months and is beginning to trust himself to hit a bigger ball and dictate play more. Clark is engaged in his own development at a level very few 12-year-olds are and it shows in his progress.

I’m really proud of both Luke and Clark for working hard to reach their goals and know both will be ready to dive into new challenges. Watch out for both these guys in supers!”

Huge congratulations to Sophia, Emerson, Clark, and Luke! Keep it up!!

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