Upper School

ATA College Prep high school courses are designed to prepare students for advanced thought, independent study, and preparation for leadership. This demands clarity of mind, strength of body, and creativity of spirit. Core courses are offered annually and taught at an honors level. Electives are offered on a rotational basis and selected based on student interest. Upper-level offerings are expanded through industry professionals serving as guest lecturers, as well as dual credit courses through the Early College Start program at Austin Community College.

CP students are required to graduate with a minimum of 28 credits as shown below. Students transferring from another high school to ATA College Prep may follow a modified graduation plan with approval.

Course Offerings
Humanities / English Literature (4 credits)
Integrated throughout four years of Humanities are the following: English Literature, Literature Analysis, Creative Writing, Multi-Media Journalism, Critical Thinking, Philosophy & Ethics, Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Methods of Inquiry

Humanities / Social Sciences (4 credits)
Integrated throughout four years of Humanities are the following: World History, US History, US Government, International Relations, Speech & Debate, Art in Culture, Special Topics

Mathematics (4 credits)
Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Math, Calculus, Statistics, Economics, Finance

Natural Sciences (4 credits)
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science

Foreign Languages (2-4 credits)
Chinese, French, Spanish, and Latin
(Dual credit courses are also available through ACC)

Arts & Electives (Rotational based on student interest) (2-4 credits)
Architecture, Art, Clay, College & Career Planning, Drawing, Elements of Design, Graphic Design, Guitar, Music Theory, Painting, Photography, Piano, Theatre Arts, Robotics, Computer Science

ATA Player Development (4 credits)


Lower School

Beginning in the lower school (ages 12-15), students move through a gradual process of becoming independent learners. Study skills, note-taking, time management, and daily scheduling are monitored rituals that are strengthened as each year progresses. ATA College Prep middle school courses are designed to stimulate a love of learning and provide a foundation for higher order thinking and communication skills. Students are exposed to rich and thoughtful subject content. Art, music, public speaking, and hands-on projects are creatively integrated within all core subject areas.

English Literature and History studies often combine reading and writing assignments with interactive discussions to inspire understanding of Humanities. Math courses stimulate creative problem solving and prepare for higher math concepts by focusing on logic, number theory, computation, and the history of great mathematicians. We demand mastery before fast tracking.* Natural Sciences survey life, earth, astronomy, chemistry, and physical explorations in a hands-on learning environment to give an understanding and an appreciation to the world around us.  Daily study halls often appear as a one-room schoolhouse with all ages working together to discuss and solve problems, collaborating on projects, and helping each other to understand assignments and theories.

With recommendation and approval from the CP staff, 2nd year, middle school students may begin advanced (HS credit) level courses.

Course Offerings
English Literature and Grammar: Mythology, Shakespeare, Classics, Short Stories, Grammar, SAT Challenges, Oral and Written Communication Skills, Sentence Diagramming, Word Origins, Assessments for independent study skills

Mathematics: Logic, Great Mathematicians, Number Theory, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, assessments for future skills.

Natural Sciences: Life, Earth, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Great Thinkers & Explorers

Social Sciences: Ancient Civilizations, World Geography and Cultures, Big History, World History, US History & Civics, Introduction to World Languages and Cultures, Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking


ATA College Prep offers students an extra year of development – mentally, physically and emotionally – prior to enrolling in high school.  Students may enroll as a one-year commitment and then transfer high school credits to the high school of their choice or they can advance to the full ATA College Prep high school programming and graduation.  Since 2009, this program has helped dedicated student-athletes procure greater success in leveraging college opportunities.


Based on Mindsets by Carol Dweck, Brainology is an educational curriculum designed to develop a growth mindset.  Login here to learn more about why we implement this philosophy in our classrooms.

Khan Academy offers rich content through self-paced video instruction in virtually any topic of interest.  Students are encouraged to create personal accounts to learn and explore independently.  Login here.

Curious is an interactive venue for experts and students to share the passion to learn just about anything.  Many interesting topics to increase your understanding of classroom subjects or to tackle something totally new.  You can also create and upload your own lessons.

iXL and ALEKS offers math practice through drills of computational skills from K-12th grades. Login to your iXL account HERE.

Race to Nowhere” is an education documentary that challenges current thinking about how to best prepare our students for success.  It encourages us to rethink not only WHAT is is we are preparing our children for but HOW we go about doing it.

TED Talks –  Take a tour of ideas worth spreading.
TED Talks – Education  Ideas worth spreading from youth.



Stay sharp!  CP offers 1:1 and small group tutoring and enrichment during the summer for all ATA students.  Book discussions, college essays, math enrichment, research skills.

Georgetown University  You can lay the foundation for your future by joining our tradition of academic excellence and cultural diversity at Georgetown in Washington, D.C.

Berklee School of Music  The largest and most comprehensive pre-college music program available anywhere.

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth   CTY summer programs offer eligible students from all over the country and around the world the opportunity to engage in challenging academic work in the company of peers who share their exceptional abilities and love of learning.



Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth offers AP session based courses and technical courses.  Acceptable test scores, application deadlines and additional fees apply.  PSAT or SAT scores may be used or you may contact Prometric Test Center at 512.383.8928 to schedule an entrance exam.

Dual credit courses through the Early College Start program at Austin Community College offer a variety of courses in all subjects.  Test scores and application fees apply.

Brown University allows you to experience Ivy League academics, expand your understanding of challenging subjects, and engage with students from around the world – enthusiastic, creative, accomplished students like you.



Transcripts may be sent to NCAA and Universities upon written request by the parent or student. CP also uses Parchment to transmit transcripts. Login and create your account. Then select the schools to which you are applying. An automated email will be generated to CP and your documents will be sent electronically.

For grade reports and transcripts, please send a request including student name and DOB to Include the recipient name and email or address.