College Placement



Part of the mission of ATA CP is to maximize opportunity and leverage college choice. To inspire early preparation and provide a connection between the efforts of today and the resulting benefits of tomorrow, CP students are exposed to a five-year preparatory model to explore the options and the paths to achieve admission to the college of their choice.

Members of the instructional and coaching staff have been involved in college admissions and NCAA processes for an average of 20+ years, and during that time many relationships have been cultivated. College coaches often visit our campus to review the extraordinary techniques that we use in the gym, on the court, and in the classroom that continue to produce top athletes, students, and citizens of significance. Our entire staff works together, and regular planning meetings provide guidance to students and their families for the best college match – academically, athletically, and culturally.

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 Grayson Broadus


“A great part about College Prep is that it is an environment where if you really want to learn, or you need help with something in particular, everybody is willing and wants to help once you take the initiative,” Grayson said. Students are responsible for getting out of school as much as they want out of it. I think this is very important for college because I have an interest in learning so I will be prepared to seek out the help and manage the rigors of college.”

Grayson will be starting his Freshman season at The University of Notre Dame.  Grayson also considered The University of Texas, Texas A&M and Wake Forest.  Click here to read more about Grayson.

 Spencer Chiu


“ATA has helped me mature and helped me understand how lessons I learn on the tennis court can help me in life too.”

Spencer is currently continuing his academic and athletic careers as a Freshman at Pomona College. Spencer was also recruited by Amherst, Wesleyan, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins and Tulane.  Click here to read more about Spencer 

 Camilla Trapness


“This short time has certainly helped prepare me for college life,” Camilla said. “I have learned how to balance my school work and practice schedule, as well as developed important leadership and work ethic skills. Additionally, I really appreciate Coach Newman’s emphasis on having respect for the sport, my coaches, and my teammates.”

Camilla dedicated herself to tennis far later into life than most at her level. With concentrated hard work, Camilla was able to use her tennis to leverage her already exemplary academics to find a perfect match for her at Amherst College. Camilla will be a Freshman and is excited to be a part of her college tennis team. Camilla also considered Yale, Dartmouth, Williams and Middlebury before deciding on Amherst College. Click here to read more about Camilla

Josh Hagar

YGF Josh(2)

“What set Notre Dame apart from all the other schools was that I felt like it was the perfect fit,” Josh said. “Not just a good fit, but a perfect fit.”

Josh has been a part of ATA since shortly after its creation. He has been a student of the College Prep program since before that name existed, and now he personifies the best of what the program offers. Josh will leave behind a legacy, not only of hard work in the classroom and on the court, but also of exemplary citizenship in the community. Josh worked extensively with A Glimmer of Hope Foundation through Playing For Glimmer – a program that he helped to create – where he raised money to fund water wells, schools and health posts in rural Ethiopia. Josh also visited and considered Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern and Rice. Click Here to read more about Josh

Andrew Parks

Parks, A

“I knew this was the place I wanted to go after my official visit in September, and was very excited to find out I earned the USAFA appointment and Congressional Nomination on Christmas Eve.”

Andrew is excited to play Division I tennis and to learn and challenge himself with the high-level curriculum at the Air Force Academy. Click here to read more about Andrew

Liam Leddy


“Being in the College Prep program has been great,” Liam said. “I already have to manage training at a high level with college level classes, so hopefully that will ease my transition into college.”

Liam will pursue higher education and athletic aspirations at the University of Chicago this coming fall, where he will compete as a Maroon on the varsity men’s tennis team. Liam also applied to Trinity College in Connecticut, Macalester College in St. Paul, Stanford, Austin College in Sherman, and Claremont McKenna. Click here to read more about Liam


CP student-athletes have been recruited by:

Amherst College
DePaul University
Florida State University
Harvard College
Hofstra University
Millsaps College
Northwestern University
Pomona College
Pepperdine University
Portland State University
Princeton University
Rice University
Saint Edward’s University
Southwestern University
Texas Tech University
University of Chicago
University of Kansas
University of Oregon
University of Notre Dame
US Air Force Academy
Utah State University
Washington and Lee
William and Mary