ATA College Prep



To prepare students for college and for life by providing opportunities to acquire the necessary skills and inspiration to become life long learners, compassionate leaders, and global change-makers.

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ATA College Prep (ATA CP) is a community supported learning environment in which each member is empowered, encouraged and engaged – mind, body, and spirit – in the practice of learning and living with integrity and compassion. Implementing Socratic dialog, performance-based applications, coaching and mentoring, and multi-age classrooms, ATA CP provides the foundations of a liberal arts, leadership education. ATA CP provides personalized programming for students ages 12-19 and up to maximize individual potential in athletics, academics, and character. We are dedicated to cultivating the strengths of an individual as well as exposing them to rich, thought-provoking experiences through community involvement and service.


1) to develop a love of learning in a supportive environment
2) to cultivate the pursuit of excellence
3) to foster freedom and personal accountability
4) to foster self-awareness, independence and community involvement
5) to maximize college opportunity and choice

Academic Coaches

Our instructors are life-long learners and passionate advocates of Socratic dialog, critical thinking and problem-solving. They think on their feet, model a positive body-mind-spirit attitude, and implement creative methods to stimulate the learning process.

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ATA College Prep is fully accredited through Advanc-Ed and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a member of the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC). Our courses are NCAA approved.