ATA College Prep Hustles To Help With Harvey Relief

Over the first week of school, the ATA College Prep community combined their efforts to try to make a small positive impact amid a large and ongoing tragedy. After thousands upon of thousands were displaced from south east Texas following Hurricane Harvey, the CP community focused on families heading to Austin. Together with the Austin Disaster Relief Network, the group donated two packed van loads of essential supplies to those most in need.

In total, ATA College Prep gathered and compiled 30 full Welcome Kits (1 per family), 8 boxes of organized essential supplies, 10 cases of diapers, 14 bags of clothes, blankets and kids toys, 6 cases of baby food and 4 cases of water.

The group will continue to engage in opportunities to serve those affected by this disaster throughout the year. Check back here for updates, or feel free to reach out with any possible opportunities or interest to participate.

And, most of all, a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to those of you who donated and/or helped over the last week.


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