ATA College Prep is a fully-accredited private school.

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The average class size is 5 students.


CP has an online communication system for assignments, grades and messaging between students, teachers, parents and coaches.


ATA CP instructors collaborate weekly about ways to best serve each student.


CP provides student aid for in depth college searches and application processes.


The ATACP curriculum does not teach to a standardized test, we teach to the student.  However, instructors will facilitate preparation for AP or board exams of the student’s selection.


Average SAT scores for our graduates are well above the national average: Critical Reading 620, Math 620, Writing 600.


Recent graduates have applied and have been admitted to USAF, Florida State, Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Pomona, and Amherst.




Students use day planners and follow a college schedule, which inspires time management and organization.



Most students are able to manage their study-hall times to lessen their home studies to about one hour per night.

Students participate in a daily inspirational reading, written reflection and verbal sharing to practice self-awareness, goal setting, and intrinsic motivation.



This year’s theme is: Global Citizenship… And our Humanities-rich curriculum weaves together Literature, History and Geography as we travel around the globe by region.

CP students participate in monthly field trips and guest speaker series.




ATA CP students learn 10 new vocabulary words each week… and compete twice a year in competitive spelling/vocabulary bees.


ATA CP has a student-led mentor/mentee program.


Students give oral presentations and practice speeches in front of the entire student body multiple times throughout the year.




Students tutor each other in math labs and study halls, which enhances collaboration skills and solidifies in depth understanding of previously learned material.




As an example of multi-level overlapping curricula that leads to interesting out of class discussions: Level 1 Life Science students, Level 2 Biology students, and Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology students are all currently discussing cellularity.


Nutrition and Big Decisions are taught as part of our Health curriculum.


We offer Spanish, Chinese, Latin and French.


We read, analyze, annotate, discuss and write reflections for approximately eight novels and numerous supplementary poems and short stories each year.


Students are encouraged and supported to create and explore their own interests for credit through: dual credit courses at ACC, The Great Courses, internships, and individualized passion projects.


To learn more, please reach out to ATA CP Head Of School Carol Hagar.

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