ATA College Prep : Did You Know?

Did you know?

ATACP is an independent private school, the youngest and smallest program fully accredited by Advanc-Ed (the largest accrediting body in the world), the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools, and TEPSAC (Texas).


Our 2015-2017 graduates’ SAT score ranges are far above the national average and rank number two of all surveyed private and public schools in Austin.

Reading/Writing:  600-780   Math: 600-800.

ATACP curriculum and pedagogy does not teach to standardized tests, but our students perform well.


Recent graduates have been admitted to University of Chicago, Pomona, Princeton, Amherst, Notre Dame, Us Air Force and US Naval Academies.

CP has an online communication system for assignments, grades and messaging between students, teachers, parents, and coaches. Staff members collaborate weekly to discuss and best serve each student.  The average class size is 8.


Students participate in a Leadership program to practice self-awareness, goal setting, and intrinsic motivation that includes neuro-targeted learning and metacognitive skills through daily inspirational reading, written reflection, and Socratic dialog.

Students lead a Mentor-Mentee program and peer tutoring in math labs and study halls enhance collaboration skills and increase understanding of previously learned skills.

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We host monthly Field Trips and Guest Speakers.

Students read an average of 8 novels per year and analyze, annotate, discuss, and write research papers and reflections on numerous supplementary poems and short stories each year.

Students use day planners and follow a college schedule, which encourages time management and organization as they learn to manage their study hall times and lessen after school homework.


We foster a Growth Mindset. We teach students that learning is a life-long process and grows with time and effort. We focus on effort, attitude, and work ethic.

If you would like to learn more about ATA College Prep, visit our classes, or arrange a shadow day for your child, please contact

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