Around The Classrooms At ATA College Prep

We are well into the school year at ATA College Prep! From the first test in Psychology, to presentations in English, vocabulary in Spanish, French and Chinese, to origin stories in History, the ATA CP staff is striving daily to challenge the students academically while inciting the curiosity within each. Here are a few pictures from around the classrooms.


The MS English group worked through a fun creative group writing activity. Each student wrote the first paragraph of a short-fiction story where he or she set the scene and introduced a character, then passed their story to the right. Each student contributed one paragraph with different parameters to each story such that at the end, the class had nine complete short stories with a section from each student to share with the group.

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-9-06-53-am                           spagetti-experiment_ssq

The Algebra and PreAlgebra classes used pennies to test the strength of spaghetti strands (first one strand, then two, etc.). The purpose was to discover a linear relationship through experimentation.


The History students got outside to work on their class timeline projects.


Max and Jack lead a team chant at the end of morning practice last week.

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