Andrew Parks To Attend Air Force Academy

ATA College Prep senior Andrew Parks will attend the United Stated Air Force Academy this coming fall, where he will pursue the next steps in his athletic and academic careers as a Falcon on the men’s tennis team and as a freshman, or a Fourth Year Cadet, at the Academy.


“I knew this was the place I wanted to go after my official visit in September, and was very excited to find out I earned the USAFA appointment and Congressional Nomination on Christmas Eve,” Parks said.


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Andrew researched the Air Force Academy after receiving an email from Coach Dan Oosterhous, the head coach of the Falcon’s, and found the combination of great athletics and great academics for which he was looking.

“I was intrigued by the small teacher-student ratio and the teacher availability for the cadets,” Andrew explained. “I also liked how there are academic advisors for the tennis team, so I felt I would be in good hands to be a successful Air Force cadet. I kept in constant contact with Coach Oosterhous on a weekly basis and knew this is the coach I want to play for in college.”

Andrew explained that the application process is very demanding, and is a major challenge in itself to prove that the Air Force Academy is something the applicant truly wants. To get an appointment, each applicant must complete essays, meet standardized test score requirements, pass eye and medical exams, take and pass the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA), send transcripts and interview with an Air Liaison Officer (Captain John Ellis for Andrew). Then, each applicant must send similar applications to many of the Texas Senators and Representative’s to receive a nomination. To be fully accepted, you must receive a nomination and an appointment.


“If you do not want it, then you won’t get it done. It is not the common application at all,” Andrew said. “Going through the application process was the most demanding part, but I had support from my coaches, teachers, and my future coach at Air Force, Coach Oosterhous.”


Andrew completed all of these requirements, and did so admirably, receiving the highest CFA scores for any freshman entering the men’s tennis team in the past 4 years. He received a nomination from Congressman Sam Johnson, and an Appointment from the USAFA.


The Air Force Academy is settled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs, Colorado. All graduates of the 4-year university earn a Bachelor of Science degree, no matter their major, due to the core requirements including courses in sciences, engineering, military studies, and many others. Most of a cadet’s first 2 years at the Academy are focused on the core curriculum, as it makes up more than 60 percent of all undergraduate courses.


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“I am most excited about the great education I will be receiving,” Andrew said. “I can’t wait to learn and challenge myself with the high-level curriculum. I love the small teacher-student ratio. The discipline, and the broad range of classes available at the USAFA was appealing to me as well to give me the best opportunity to decide what future is best for me.”


Andrew joins an Air Force Falcons men’s tennis team that boasted an 8-5 home record last season, finishing the year at 10-12 overall. He will compete in the Mountain West Conference, against schools like San Diego State, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado State, and more.


“I am excited to play Division 1 college tennis in a strong conference like the Mountain West,” Andrew said. “I am looking forward to future successes in my collegiate career and the great memories I will make along the way with the team.”


Andrew gave credit to many at ATA and ATA CP for their guidance and support since coming to Austin.




“ATA gave me the opportunity to meet Coach Oosterhous, and pursue college tennis at the United States Air Force Academy,” Andrew said. “I learned how hard you have to work to achieve goals, and this was the goal I pursued. Coach Iankov trained me to achieve the highest scores on the CFA exam in the last 4 recruiting classes for Air Force men’s tennis. I gained more discipline and accountability from Coach Newman and Coach Doug. Coach Doug influenced me to become a young man ready to take a blow and this is very important to be a successful Air Force Cadet. Academically, Carol taught me the importance of organization and not procrastinating. I will be taking the planner with me to USAFA.”


After his visit and connection with the coach, Andrew was fully confident that the USAFA was the right place for him.


“It was too good to be true,” Andrew said. “I knew this was the place for me to excel in my life to become a citizen of significance. Coach Oosterhous and I had a great connection throughout this process, and I am excited for what the future holds for me as an NCAA Division 1 Student-Athlete at the United States Air Force Academy.”

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