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ATA To Host Lakes Tennis Academy in Texas Cup Duel

"This is a very exciting, loud, spectator friendly tennis match that feels like a football game," said ATA Head Coach Doug Davis. "Please come out and support the team!"

CP Students Visit Public Art On UT Campus

"My favorite piece was called Monochrome of Austin, and it consisted of 70 canoes, 30plus feet in the air, leaning over the street," Alejandro said. "It was incredible."

ATA, AGOH partner for major water project, latest step in pattern of giving back

The Austin Tennis Academy (ATA) and A Glimmer of Hope Foundation (Glimmer) recently completed a project that provides the largest solar powered water supply development in the entire region of Tigray.

Benzel: Teaching Kids to Manage Their Thoughts

Your child’s brain is very busy. It’s cranking out thousands of thoughts per day at lightning fast speed. Perhaps you’ve learned how to control your thoughts as an adult, but most children find themselves reacting to thoughts minute by minute and suffering needlessly from their own negativity. We must teach them that they are capable of managing those thoughts.

Rifkin Discusses Impact of Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep

"It's simple, if the physical and mental demands of your body are not met with the proper fuel, hydration and recovery to support what your asking of it, your energy and functioning will suffer which consequently has a major impact on the level of your tennis performance."

Help ATA’s Georgia Wright Contribute To A Great Cause

Georgia Wright has served up hard work around ATA for years as she has set and reached goals in her development as a high-level tennis player. Now, Georgia is hard at work towards another goal: contributing to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). The South Central Austin Chapter of the LLS recently nominated Georgia as a candidate for their 1st annual Student of the Year fundraising challenge, and she happily accepted. “I could not be more excited to make a difference in the lives of patients across the country by raising money with family and friends like you for LLS!” Georgia said. “This cause is very close to my heart because my ...