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ATA College Workshop and Coaches Forum

Please join us on Saturday evening March 26th from 7pm-8pm at ATA College Prep (on the ATA campus) for a College Workshop and Coaches Forum. Carol Hagar will give a brief presentation outlining the college search and recruiting processes and college coaches from the area will be available for Q&A. TennisRecruiting.net has generously offered to provide dinner for this event. Please RSVP to Carol.Hagar@AustinTennisAcademy.com  so we have an accurate head count for dinner.

As Parents… What Can We Do? Try the 30-30-30 rule!

Parents often ask what they can do at home to help reinforce the ATA & CP messaging of 'strive for the pursuit of excellence' and 'study for the love of learning'.  I love this!  It is truly the village that creates the community, and together we can make a bigger impact.  One thought that comes to mind,  is to encourage them to "Show up.  Listen.  Always do your best."  Another thought that comes to mind is to model what you wish for them to do: complete tasks joyfully; study diligently, practice what you love to do; and perform with dignity. In relating specifically to building better study habits, some things that you can do at home ...

Abigail and Callie Help Team to Bronze Ball

ATA had 4 players this past week compete in the National Spring Team Championships, Abigail Chiu, Harrison Chiu, Callie Creath and Anushka Dania. Congrats to Abigail and Callie for helping their team, Firecrackers, come away with a bronze ball finish!

Wisdom Shared Through ATA Alumni

Earlier this year, Coach Newman invited six ATA alumni members who work in Austin to participate in a panel discussion so current ATA students could see how some of the life lessons they are learning have been applied in real life. The goal of having current ATA students witness firsthand the powerful outcomes that result through the positive processes the ATA program offers was accomplished in a powerful way through this panel discussion. Many of the ATA coaches who attended were impressed by the articulate and insightful nature of the comments shared by the alumni members. Through the stories they shared, each of the alumni members communicated ...

Caroline Wernli #15 in Nation!

Congratulations to Caroline Wernli, who ages up tomorrow to Girls 14s. Caroline is ending her 12s career being ranked #1 in Texas for the past 8 months and #15 in the nation. She is already #10 in Texas in 14s. Happy Birthday Caroline, all your hard work and dedication is showing.

What Separates ATA’s Fitness Program

Over the past two years, ATA's fitness program has risen to a new level that separates it from other programs through the addition of pilates and on-court tennis specific fitness training that complement the existing strength and conditioning program that is based on the C.H.E.K. system (Corrective, High-performance, Exercise and Kinesiology). Dio Miranda, who serves as the Director of Fitness for ATA, has created a culture that discourages the no pain-no gain philosophy that can hurt players by instead encouraging them to train in a safe way with appropriate form and technique in a functional environment. The flexibility  and range of motion of ATA ...