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ATA CP Students Praise Facility Changes

With the school year well underway at ATA College Prep, the students and teachers are settled into a rhythm in the new facility. In case you missed it, ATA CP Director Carol Hagar described much of the transition that happened over the summer in a recent post. Now that students are fully focused on everything from French to Physics, they, too, offered their reflections on the changes. “The new school facility for the ATA College Prep program has greatly altered the way we operate everyday,” said junior Abigail Chiu. “The new and improved buildings give us a more school-like feeling that allows us to access more resources in a more ...

Austin ITF – Wednesday Order Of Play

Here is the Order Of Play for Wednesday of the Austin ITF. Good luck to ATA College Prep's Abigail, Payton and Alejandro!  

Austin ITF – Tuesday Order Of Play

The Austin ITF is well underway. Qualifying is complete, and singles started smoothly. To see the order of play for day two, click this link - Tuesday OOP-Revised!

Austin ITF – Main Draw

Please find the Main Draw of the Austin ITF posted at this link - Monday-Singles. Don't forget to sign in for doubles at your site before noon! For more information on the event, please contact the tournament director. For more information about the Austin Tennis Academy and its programs, please browse the site or contact Deb Cahill at Deb.Cahill@AustinTennisAcademy.com. Good luck!  


Life is like a prism. The way you see it depends on which side of the glass you are looking through. When light hits water or a prism, it bends. A single beam of white light is really a combination of all the visible colors. So when white light bends, all of its components (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) also bend. But they bend at different angles because each color travels through water or glass at a different speed. This refraction results in beautiful rainbows. We can learn a lot about how we approach life from this simple prism lesson. We are likened to a prism as we have several facets to our personalities. We take in inform...

Saturday Quallies

Here is the draw to the Saturday Quallies for the ITF at Austin Tennis Academy. Click here - Saturday Quallies - to see it.

Coach Newman Recommended Article

Coach Newman recommends the following article about 3 qualities every athlete needs to have to play his/her best. "The Bare Essentials: Three Things Every Athlete Needs to Succeed" W. Timothy Gallway author of The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance writes the following equation: Performance = Potential – Interference There are three qualities that every athlete needs in order to strip away the interference and to play his/her best. (changingthegameproject.com) Intrinsic Motivation Enjoyment Autonomy Click here to read more

ATA Coach and Players Featured in Wilson Glide Video

Wilson's latest shoe, The Glide, is the world's first shoe designed to slide on hard courts. The technology was recently tested at ATA with ATA Coach Tres Davis and Academy players featured throughout. See Wilson's Glide Training Video here:   To read more about the shoes, click here!

Pictures From ATA College Prep Practices

A major benefit of the ATA College Prep program is the ability to practice before and after school while having easy access to coaches and courts throughout the day for lessons, without disrupting the academic workday. Here are a few pictures of the CP student-athletes on the court so far this year. To see more, check out the ATA College Prep Facebook page! Hunter Bleser blasts a forehand as she attacks the net.  Coach Brandon Davis adjusts Kristin's grip as Abigail practices her serve. Josh Clark spins a forehand in front of his team during an intense game of 105. Chase Bartlett works on closing to the net with Coach Ryan ...

Champions For Life Page Up And Running

The Austin Tennis Academy is excited about its affiliation with David Benzel and his organization, Growing Champions For Life. The non-profit works to create cohesive families, healthy teams and principle-centered athletes. Mr Benzel creates articles, videos and other media that serves as coaching material for parents of athletes. We have a dedicated page up and running on our website under the News tab where you can access this content at any time. Take a look!