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Meditate Your Way to Genius

CP students practice square breathing at the beginning of each school day.  They practice Alpha on the courts before the beginning of practice.  They practice 'the golden' in between points.  What do these things have in common? They are all methods of becoming aware, eliminating distraction, and tapping into the alpha brain wave. This article A Neural Basis for Benefits of Meditation describes a Brown University study that proposes a neurophysiological framework to explain the clinical benefits of what we already know and practice here at ATA CP. Think it!  Be it!  ~Carol    

School Kills Creativity

If you have not had the pleasure to contemplate Sir Ken Robinson's views on education... take a few moments to watch this TED Talk.

Nurturing Nature

According to Joshua Leibman, author of Peace of Mind, "There is here no fatalism of endowment." Recently, I was gifted with a Bonsai tree. I always admired images of these miniature works of art - carefully cultivated and delicately crafted over long periods of time.  I used to imagine the patience involved in watching something so precious progress so very slowly and the assiduity necessary in guiding its growth. I spent days, weeks, months looking at my new charge, wondering in what directions its branches might tend to grow.  I would occasionally turn it and put it in a different place so as to admire it from another perspective, ...

Did Thomas Edison Get an “A” in Light Bulb Design Class?

In all of the serious aspects of our lives, do we really remember the powerful relationship between creative play... and thinking? Problem solving comes from exploration.  If the silly ideas of the 'impossible' are ignored, passed over and closed down in our children, they will stop thinking creatively.  They become embarrassed by failure, when in reality, failure is how we learn.  Failure is how we learned to walk - we stumbled through it. It's how we learned to ride a bike - we fell over and skinned our knees. Failure is how we become intelligent... otherwise, how would we recognize success?   In today’s success-driven world, failure is ...